Hi guys. Sorry for the lack of blog posts. I’ve been really busy with school. So quick summary, I enrolled and got 3 subjects this semester. Meaning I get to have 3 days of school in one week. I’m kind of glad that it turned out that way because I’ve been wanting to take a break since this whole medicine thing started. So I have Histology on Mondays, Psychiatry on Tuesday and Family Medicine on Saturday. Meaning I have most of the days off. I get to focus more on Histology and stuff. Yay? Haha.

So things have been pretty weird lately. Most of my friends are not in medschool anymore and I just feel kind of sad that I won’t be able to at least high five them on the elevator lines or whatever. The school kind of fucked us up with the schedule too so I have to take some classes without some of my friends. Especially in Histology since it’s a one day subject. (8am-5pm! I KNOW.) 

So anyway, I’ve been trying to look for a new way to study and now I’m doing test questions and I’m pretty excited about it. Only since I moved out of my dorm, I have been kind of lagging in terms of advanced reading shit. So yeah. Fucking up one little step at a time. lol But I will fix it. Once I settle down, I will be so far up Histology’s ass, it won’t be able to feel it. Also, Family Medicine’s kind of a crazy thing right now. Teaching us about Statistics and crap. HAHAAHA. It just brought me back to college when all I did during Stat class was sleep. lol. I really did hate that subject. But I do have some edge when it comes to that kind of stuff since our thesis back at San Beda were individually done. So I have some idea of how sampling works. Goodluck to me, then.

So technically, the hard stuff hasn’t started rushing in yet. And I’m just really excited about my birthday. I kept thinking about how unlucky it is that it fell on a Monday and I had to spend the rest of my day with Histology crap. :( It’s really hard seeing my classmates too, lately. Like seeing them study Pathology. Being a superduper regular secondyear. And then there’s me… HAHAHA. Oh well. Things will be okay eventually. I need to believe that it will.

..also, I’d rather be reading John Green’s An Abundance of Katherines instead of studying. But I promised to own Histology’s ass so… YEAH.