Because I was having so much fun cursing my Biostatistics hand out. lol. 

The test was hard too. But I think I was able to answer a few questions right. Prelims are done and spent the rest of my day yesterday with friends. It was nice hanging out with people I’ve missed. It’s like every year someone decides to stop studying medicine. And I get scared too. 

My friend, Coi, (who’s a 3rd year now) was telling us about how it’s harder not because of the bulk of the stuff to study or how hard it is but because of how much time was lacking. How important it is to get along with your fellow med students. You really have no choice but to be there for each other. She was telling us about how exhausting it was to study and just have no time for yourself. Call me crazy, but I really look forward to that.

But, ugghhh, I’m really sorry for the rant-y post but I just really hate statistics. My brain is not built for that kind of crap. :|

Everytime I feel down about medicine, I listen to Vultures by John Mayer. I’ll make sure to post an audio soon. It just basically tells us to try and push ourselves and "try and stop myself from being just a number". I think it’s important that everyone strives not just for completion of something but to be able to do something with a level of greatness. Something our minds are REALLY capable of. I am ready for this. I would need help and I am ready to be present. 


Jie, xo

Enough of the mushy stuff. How are you? What are you guys up to?